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Product Name:  W200挂斗
Product Name:  W150挂斗
Product Name:  W100挂斗
Product Name:  1#零件盒
外尺寸:450*205*175mm 内尺寸:405*173*165mm
Product Name:  2#零件盒
外尺寸:330*236*146mm 内尺寸:300*212*138mm
Product Name:  3#零件盒
外尺寸:276*190*124mm 内尺寸:243*170*120mm
Product Name:  4#零件盒
外尺寸:180*124*85mm 内尺寸:155*105*80mm
Product Name:  A1#零件箱(组合式)
外尺寸:179*105*80mm 内尺寸:157*85*76mm
Product Name:  A2#零件箱(组合式)
外尺寸:247*149*125mm 内尺寸:221*127*120mm

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